Nelia Herrero
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Nelia Herrero (San Sebastian, 1980) is a Basque-Spanish painter whose work transcends any traditional form. Her paintings depict expressive portraits, evoking a different emotional reaction within the mind of every viewer.

An alumnus of the reputable Academia Artium Peña in Madrid in 2014, Herrero describes her own work as a translation of feelings. The portraits are as diverse as they are unique, though they all reflect Herrero’s expression undeniably.

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A self-described “experimental artist”, Herrero claims her works exist as energies long before the canvases are even touched.

She works without premeditated sketches, thus letting the artworks become what they are supposed to be during the process of making. This creates an often surprising outcome, with multiple possible interpretations to be made.

Herrero uses various techniques, but her most recent work consists predominantly of acrylic paintings on canvas. In her practice, the paint is scraped on the canvas, creating a layered piece of work that embodies the aforementioned energies.

All of her works are coded rather than named, leaving all interpretation to the viewer. The faces that appear in her work, allow viewers to identify themselves with the paintings. In doing so, the art provides a mirror to the public, inviting them to reflect on their own thoughts and feelings.

Herrero is based in Ibiza, Spain where she works and lives with her children. She sees the affection of her children as one of the most important inspirations for her work, the other being the free Mediterranean spirit of the island.